What the New ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Needs To Be

April 24, 2015
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Just when we thought we were getting spoiled with Spider-Man news, yesterday at CinemaCon, Sony Pictures announced there is a new animated Spider-Man feature in the works. The movie is will exist independently of the Spider-Man movies that Marvel and Sony are developing. The feature film will release a year later than the live-action adaption, on July 20, 2018.

spidermanmoviespinsert1The fact that this movie is animated allows it to steer off in its own direction. It’ll also benefit from this form of entertainment because it’ll easily distinguish itself from the live-action adaptions. There was no early prototype footage shown at the event.  So it makes you wonder what variation of the character they’ll use. Marvel has already confirmed they’ll be targeting a younger Peter Parker for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So Sony may want to take a different route, by tackling possibly a true take on the ‘Amazing’ version of Spidey, not the ultimate version that we got in there so called “Amazing Spider-Man” movies in recent years. But I digress; this could be their last chance to do it right.

The movie is currently in capable hands. I say currently, because people leaving projects have become quite common in the industry as of late. But not trying to be pessimist here, but the good news is both Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (The Lego Movie) are producing and writing the story for the project. The Lego Movie was well received so this is already a good sign. They understand comedy so they can leverage Spider-Mans remarks to his enemies. Sony Pictures live-action adaptations in the past have struggled to show how witty he can be.  With them at the helm, I’m optimistic they’ll depict the character comic book enthusiasts are used to reading in the comics.

Also, like the Marvel adaptation currently in early-development, this animated feature needs to avoid being a reboot. It needs to be it’s own thing. It needs to be different from what they have done. An original story would be nice, depending on what direction they take but they could also take a page out of their competitors book, DC Comics, to bring a recent story written in the comics to the big screen. There’s a lot at their disposal, so it’ll be interesting where Lord and Miller take the webhead in the future.
spidermanmoviespinsert2Spider-Man is going to appear in an upcoming film in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon before his own standalone feature in July 17


, 2017. But lets be real, we all know that movie is Captain America: Civil War.

Fans of loud mouth webslinger can expect to see him three years in a row going forward. Talk about being spoiled.

The untitled Spider-Man film will be swinging its way to the big screen in 2018.
Does this news bring you joy? Or do you want Sony to just let go of Spider-Man? Let your voice be heard in the comments below.

Final Thoughts:

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