Onward (2020) Review

Onward (2020) Review

Onward is set in a fantasy world wherein magic has essentially faded away thanks to the convenience of technology. Think Dungeons and Dragons by way of Zootopia.  Our heroes are two elves, the introverted Ian (Tom Holland) and his brash-but-goofy older brother Barley (Chris Pratt). On Ian’s 16th birthday, he receives a wizard staff and … Read more

January Movies of the Past that Hold Up in the Present

January Movies Actually Worth Your Time 7

January is usually a very rough time at the movies. It’s infamously known as a dump month, the time where studios will release the worst of the worst that they clearly had no real faith in beforehand. Every once in awhile, we get a diamond in the rough and get a January release that turns … Read more

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) Review

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) Review 3

It’s no secret to anyone that Star Wars is in a very unenviable position right now. After JJ Abrams’ sequel/reboot/soft New Hope remake The Force Awakens was generally well-received by all, Rian Johnson’s follow-up The Last Jedi, however, caused the divide that launched a million arguments and thinkpieces.

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