Captive State (2019) Review

Captive State (2019) Review 1

It takes very little to get me out of the door for a film with an alien invasion premise. The promise of the unknown, combined with humanity’s indomitable spirit in an attempt to overcome said mysterious force is a formula that knows no bounds. While Captive State does manage to give us some payoffs while having something important to say, it’s so far buried underneath pacing issues and an attempt to scattershot many of those ideas onto paper that it doesn’t quite come through in practice.

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New Alien Movie: Dream or Nightmare

New Alien Movie: Dream or Nightmare

The Alien franchise has seen better days. In recent years, all the films featuring the iconic H.R. Giger creature have been sub-par at best, with the Aliens Vs. Predator movies being a true low point for the series. But there is a glimmer of hope: Neil Blomkamp and his vision for Alien seems to be … Read more