Justice League (2017) Review: An Epic Superfriend Mess

Justice League (2017) Review: An Epic Superfriend Mess 1

After months of rumours and reshoots and directorial replacements and CGI-shaved moustaches, Justice League is finally here. Given that comic book nerds have craved this movie for generations, it’s amazing how little fanfare surrounds the release. It’s clear everyone involved isn’t pleased with how this turned out, often even deriding the state of Warner Brothers’ … Read more

What Ben Affleck Potentially Being Replaced As Batman Means For The DCEU

What Ben Affleck Potentially Being Replaced As Batman Means For The DCEU 3

Rumours have been floating around that Ben Affleck won’t remain as Batman after Justice League, which opens in theatres this November. It remains to be seen how accurate these rumours really are and if, indeed, Affleck will soon depart the role. The news might also seem ridiculous for many. How can Warner Bros. possibly change … Read more

Suicide Squad (Movie) Review

Suicide Squad (Movie) Review 1

If you’ve had internet access over the last few years, then chances are you’ve been inundated with images from Suicide Squad. It’s that weird little stepchild to Batman V. Superman that Warner Brothers planned to help launch their extended DC Cinematic Universe. You know, the one with all the tattoos and Hot Topic outfits. The summer blockbuster that’s been begging for attention like an emotional teen, hoping that someone will take it seriously because it’s so edgy and not your mama’s superhero flick. From the moment the first images from production hit, Suicide Squad has seemed desperate for an identity. As goofy music video trailers racked up hits on YouTube, the movie’s producers held panicked reshoots, hoping to make the film a bit sillier after the chilly public reception to Zack Snyder’s sombre superfriends match up. The final film sure looks like the product of way too many chefs in the kitchen: an overblown, over-edited, and under-written collection of self-consciously “cool” scenes that only occasionally flow together with any dramatic purpose or pay off. It is kind of fun in its own sloppy way, though. So that’s something.

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Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice (Movie) Review

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice (Movie) Review

Alright nerds, it’s finally here: the movie that you’ve been doubting with dread for three years (or that you’ve been quietly excited about, but won’t admit to it in mixed company). Batman V. Superman. The one where the Superfriends become Rock Em Sock Em robots. Warner Brothers and Zack Snyder’s attempt to jumpstart an entire DC cinematic universe. A dark, brooding, super serious counterpart to all that fun going on over at Marvel/Disney. You’ve whined, you’ve pined, you’ve dreamed, you’ve had anxiety attacks. But all that’s over now. The movie is here. You can finally feast upon this 2.5 hour epic of superhero depression. And the verdict? It’s fine. Could be worse. Not a disaster and certainly not a great or even particularly good movie. It’s a mess in all the ways the internet predicted it would be before shooting even began. However, Zack Snyder’s greatest strength is creating massive comic book panels come to life. So whenever icons are punching each other on an IMAX scale, there is some fun to be had. There’s a whole lotta sloppiness leading up to and during those big old brawls, but there’s no denying that seeing old Batty and the Boy Scout duke it out with a $250 million budget has its charms. Whoever thought that would happen? Even in a disappointing movie.

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Gone Girl Movie Review

Gone Girl Movie Review 2

David Fincher emerged into the filmmaking out of the cesspool of music videos when MTV was at its peak. At the time, so many music video directors delivered empty, flashy fluff when they got into movies that he was a rare exception to rule who gave his promo compatriots a good name. Over the years, … Read more