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Captain Marvel Review 2

Captain Marvel Review

Captain Marvel has been a film I have been looking forward to for years. Ever since it was first announced that Carol Danvers would be making her big Marvel movie appearance, I was excited to see how it would turn out. The casting of Brie Larson was a masterstroke, capturing the core of the character wonderfully. And while there are issues with a script, and the weight of the MCU fanservice holding it back, Captain Marvel manages to stand out as one of the more engaging Marvel characters to date.

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Four Marvel Ladies Who Deserve Leading Roles 4

Four Marvel Ladies Who Deserve Leading Roles

It may have received almost universal critical praise and broken box office records for an August release, but Guardians of the Galaxy’s financial success suggests something much more significant: people are ready for new Marvel stories.

Most are already aware of its most popular heroes, but Marvel’s universe is a vast one filled with characters both male and female who represent a wide range of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and origins. And, since they are just as powerful as their male counterparts and deserve an equal amount of time to tell their own compelling stories, here are four ladies that definitely need some time on the silver screen.

4marvelinsert1Ms. Marvel (2014)

Ms. Marvel is a wonderful example of how to create a multi-dimensional character. She’s a teenaged Muslim girl struggling to figure out her own religious beliefs, her identity, and her interests. When she’s endowed with shape-shifting powers, everything in her world becomes infinitely more complicated, and her character arc becomes all the more compelling to watch unfold. While saving kids and sorting out relationships, she’s constantly struggling with her circumstances and trying her best to do what’s right. Keep the diversity intact, and Ms. Marvel could pave the way for a whole new wave of minority characters with great new stories to tell.

She-Hulk (2014)

4marvelinsert2Most people already know the story of how Bruce Banner’s DNA became all jumbled and left him with the ability to change into the massive green monster known as the Hulk. But what do we know about Jennifer Walters, the woman who shares Hulk’s super-strength abilities?

Definitely not enough. Which is a shame, because she’s a great character with a lot of interesting characteristics and abilities. What’s more, she owns her powers and juggles them with her successful career as a lawyer in New York City. Too often, superhero films revolve around our caped defenders fighting off evil threatening the entire universe. What if it just featured a hardened lawyer with super-strength out seeking justice for her clients?

4marvelinsert3X-23 (2006)

X-23 is one of the darker characters within the X-Men universe. A part of the weapon X project, she shares Wolverine’s retractable claws on her hands and feet, and has been conditioned to go into a murderous blackout whenever she senses a trigger smell. Because of this, her history is one soaked in blood she has unknowingly and unwillingly shed, including that of her mother’s and fighting master’s.

She’s constantly fighting against the notion that she’s merely a weapon, appealing to her human side and even trying to do right by the ones she loves. But old habits die hard, and her past has a knack for catching up with her at extremely inopportune times. X-23’s would be a fantastic exploration of humanity the likes of which we haven’t seen in a long, long time.

4marvelinsert4Captain Marvel (2012)

There’s not a lot to say about Captain Marvel that hasn’t already been said. She’s a powerful character, often referred to on comic covers as “Earth’s Mightiest Hero” and boasting a great amount of ability and intelligence. But beyond that, Carol is a complex person. She’s hesitant to take up the mantle of Captain Marvel, even after changing her look and re-inventing herself, and is motivated by memories of her past and particularly influenced by those who so inspired her to become the person she is. She’s a powerful do-gooder who rivals even the most powerful superheroes in both fortitude and capability. The phrase “strong female character” is tossed around a lot, but few words could better describe Captain Marvel.


Marvel Characters We’d Love To See In Phase 3 2

Marvel Characters We’d Love To See In Phase 3

We are just at the start of Marvel’s Phase Two set of films, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look ahead to what’s coming in Phase Three. After The Avengers 2 is released in 2015 we know we have Edgar Wright’s long-awaited Ant-Man film and the promise of a Doctor Strange film, but what else? We are sure to see sequels to Captain America, Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy, but we are also bound to get some fresh faces in the mix. So, with that in mind, here are five characters I would love to see in Phase Three and beyond!

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