Logan – A Farewell to Two X-Men

Logan - A Farewell to Two X-Men 4

Back in the 1990s, there was no superhero more beloved than Wolverine. Thanks to the cartoon series, Jim Lee’s insanely popular X-Men run, some video games, and endless action figures, everyone adored the growling clawed anti-hero. It was likely the characters obscene popularity at the time that helped get the first X-Men movie off the ground in an era when Blade was the only successful Marvel movie. The search for an actor to play Wolverine was long and arduous. In the end, fans cried out, “who?” when Australian Hugh Jackman was announced as the heir to the adamantium, and cried foul when they learned his most successful previous role was headlining a revival of Oklahoma. Meanwhile, when Patrick Stewart was announced in the role of chrome dome X leader Charles Xavier, nerds everywhere rejoiced. Both ended up being ideal choices for the X-Men’s live action cinematic endeavours and this week both actors bid farewell to their iconic roles in the suitably sombre farewell picture Logan.

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New Wolverine Movie Gets R-Rating

Wolverine 3 Has Started Filming, Gets R-Rating

Amidst the chaos of the superhero genre with Captain America: Civil War, Batman Vs. Superman and the upcoming X-men: Apocalypse, rumours of a new Wolverine film surfaced. Now, those rumours are confirmed. Wolverine 3 is currently in production, with James Mangold returning as the film’s director and producer Simon Kinberg. The producer made a comment to Collider, telling … Read more

Pan (Movie) Review

Pan (Movie) Review 1

The latest big screen edition of Peter Pan is, if nothing else, an incredibly strange movie. Directed by Brit Joe Wright (Atonement, Hannah), it seems to be a Peter Pan blockbuster made by people who aren’t particularly interested in Peter Pan. The filmmakers completely re-wrote and altered the original text about the flying boy who … Read more

Chappie (Movie) Review

Chappie (Movie) Review 1

Few filmmakers from the last decade have burst onto the scene with the parade of deserved accolades that Neil Blomkamp received for District 9. His debut sci-fi/horror/mockumentary/social commentary was both an unexpected hit and a Best Picture Oscar nominee, instantly establishing the commercial directing veteran as a major new voice in blockbuster filmmaking. Unfortunately Blomkamp’s … Read more