Unfriended (Movie) Review

Unfriended (Movie) Review 1

There are so many reasons why Unfriended shouldn’t work. It’s gimmicky, it all takes place on a computer screen, it trots out the old “haunted technology” chestnut yet again, and the trailer seemed to suggest it was aggressively targeting millennials for the sake of sweet dollaroos and little else. Yet, somehow the movie does work … Read more

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (Movie) Review

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (Movie) Review 1

Vampires might be supernatural sex symbols, but they are also always first and foremost misery symbols. A recent stellar example of this would be Let The Right One In (as well as the underappreciated remake Let Me In, which gets better with every viewing) and now Ana Lily Amirpour’s hauntingly beautiful directorial debut A Girl … Read more

Only Lovers Left Alive (Movie) Review

Only Lovers Left Alive (Movie) Review 1

In an age when vampires have been robbed of their dignity by teeny-bopper romance, a savior for the bloodsuckers has arrived in an unlikely source. Director Jim Jarmusch is best known for his black and white deadpan art comedies starring the likes of Tom Waits and Bill Murray, but every now and then the proto-hipster … Read more

Cheap Thrills: An interview With Director E.L. Katz

Cheap Thrills: An interview With Director E.L. Katz

As a writer, E.L. Katz has been kicking around the horror industry for years. After peddling articles in fanzines, he got his start as a screenwriting partner for director Adam Wingard (You’re Next) on the films Pop Skull and Home Sick. From there he wrote further indie horror flicks like Autopsy and The Unholy, but … Read more

Big Bad Wolves (Movie) Review

Big Bad Wolves (Movie) Review 2

Every now and then a small little genre movie comes along that demands attention simply so that it doesn’t disappear. The famously mouthy Quentin Tarantino has been screaming accolades about Big Bad Wolves for so long that his name is now slathered over all of the posters. Sometimes Quentin’s taste can be questionable, but in … Read more

Escape From Tomorrow (Movie) Review

Escape From Tomorrow (Movie) Review 1

As a first time filmmaker, there are many ways to get your film noticed. However, writer/director Randy Moore certainly deserves bonus points for creativity on how he was able to get attention for Escape From Tomorrow. The director assembled a small crew, armed his actors with hidden microphones, gave his cameramen prosumer cameras that tourists … Read more