IT Chapter Two (2019) Review

IT Chapter Two Movie Review

I think some people were tricked by the first It film, in a way. Although there is certainly horror abound in the It tale, it’s just as much a character study as it is a “scary” one. It’s about the dangers of small-town life and what it really means to escape it (or stick with it). It also deals with relationships, the passage of time, and letting go of the past or embracing parts of it. We had shades of that with Its first chapter in 2017. Now, when the time has come to double down on the themes with part two, a sordid mishmash of book and adapted storylines swirl together and are unable to deliver.

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It (2017) Review – The Real Deal

It (2017) Review - The Real Deal

Thanks to the reliably unreliable nature of nostalgia and memory, everyone seems to think that Stephen King’s horror epic It already has a worthy cinematic adaptation. That’s not quite true. Sure, Tim Curry’s performance as the ultimate demonic clown Pennywise is iconic, but the TV mini-series containing it? That’s a toned down and often tone … Read more

Stephen King’s It: No Longer What It’s Cracked Up To Be

Stephen King’s It: No Longer What It’s Cracked Up To Be 1

Very soon Stephen King’s horror epic It will slither into cinemas and the nightmares of several generations of viewers. The horror legend’s epic tale of confronting childhood trauma and fears deserves the adoring two-part adaptation coming our way and if the trailers aren’t misleading (and when are trailers ever misleading, am I right?) then Mama … Read more