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The Disaster Artist (2017) Review: Making A Great Movie Out Of The Worst Movie

The Disaster Artist (2017) Review: Making A Great Movie Out Of The Worst Movie

Tommy Wiseau’s The Room is possibly the most watched and discussed independent American film of the 2000s. In our irony-obsessed age, that doesn’t mean it’s good though. Far from it. The magnum opus by the mysterious Wiseau is arguably the worst movie ever made and one that achieved cult status from those who gleefully giggle away at it’s ineptitude. Wiseau has emerged as an odd pop culture icon out of the wreckage of The Room and it’s behind the scenes tales that grew into Internet folklore. It was almost inevitable someone would make a movie about him. Thankfully, that movie isn’t some sneering doc chasing around an eccentric like a snickering stalker, but a bizarrely committed biopic directed by and starring James Franco. The Disaster Artist offers everything anyone could want out of a movie about Tommy Wiseau and then somehow also manages to be a sweet movie that makes you feel for the misfit at the center. It shouldn’t have been possible, especially with Franco apparently directing his bio in character as Wiseau the entire time. Yet somehow this movie exists and it’s kind of a miracle.

The Disaster Artist (2017): Making A Great Movie Out Of The Worst Movie 2
James Franco and Dave Franco in The Disaster Artist (2017) – image via Warner Bros. Entertainment

So for those who don’t already know, the script comes from a book by Greg Sestero who co-starred with Tommy in The Room as Mark—as in, “Oh hi Mark.” So Greg is the protagonist and in an almost inexplicably perfect bit of casting is played by James’ brother Dave Franco. They meet in an acting class where Greg is the only student impressed by the strange man wearing a variety of belts screaming out a Marlon Brando impersonation. Greg’s not so great at the whole acting thing and goes to Tommy for help. A deeply weird friendship forms. Greg learns that Tommy has a mysteriously vast fortune from an unknown place. They become roommates in Los Angeles to pursue acting and when Tommy’s attempts to crack into the business are met with nothing but the harshest of rejections, he decides to write, direct, and self-finance a movie for both of them. It’s called The Room and if you have any interest in the cult of this notorious stinker, you’ll have a pretty good idea of where things go from there.

The Disaster Artist (2017): Making A Great Movie Out Of The Worst Movie
Seth Rogen, Paul Scheer, and Dave Franco in The Disaster Artist (2017) – image via Warner Bros.

The Disaster Artist nimbly checks off everything that one would expect from a movie about The Room. We see Tommy inexplicably insist on shooting with two cameras at once, insist on shooting endless sex scenes starring himself, and just generally confuse the hell out of everyone around him at all times. We never get any answers to where the guy came from, how he has so much money to burn, or…you know…what’s wrong with him because no one knows the answers to those questions other than Tommy Wiseau and he’s an unreliable witness at best. There are all the required giggles crammed. But what impresses most about James Franco’s take on the trash culture icon as both an actor and filmmaker is how warm and caring it is. This isn’t a freak show lynching. It clearly comes from a certain place of respect and even awe.

The Disaster Artist (2017): Making A Great Movie Out Of The Worst Movie 1
Sharon Stone and Dave Franco in The Disaster Artist (2017) – image via Warner Bros. Entertainment

Anyone who’s thought about The Room for more than a few consecutive seconds has likely worked out that the movie is a somewhat autobiographical attempt to express inner angst and pain from someone who has no sense of how to tell a story or shoot a movie. Franco presents Wiseau as a mystery, but also a human. He’s a guy whose constantly questioned and misunderstood. Someone with no real friends and a burning desire to be an artist regardless of whether or not he succeeds. Franco clearly somewhat admires Tommy in an odd way and presents him not merely as a punchline, but a strangely tragic antihero. His impression of the odd accent and odder movements of Wiseau is dead on, yet beneath that is someone in pain desperately seeking acceptance without the social skills to connect. It’s a hilarious and heartbreaking performance that’s one of Franco’s best and the movie surrounding it is rather wonderful as well.

The Disaster Artist (2017): Making A Great Movie Out Of The Worst Movie 6
James Franco and Seth Rogen in The Disaster Artist (2017) – image via Warner Bros. Entertainment

In the relationship between Greg and Tommy, the Francos create a beautifully fraught friendship. Greg clearly likes Tommy despite all the horrors of making their movie and Tommy clearly made the movie for Greg despite the fact that all the actor would receive for his troubles was notoriety. It’s sweet and dark and weird and funny and fascinating and if nothing else, a buddy movie unlike any other. Surrounding the Francos are a murderous row of LA comedians and The Room fans like Seth Rogen, Paul Scheer, Judd Apatow, and Bryan Cranston—playing himself because yep, somehow Cranston had direct connection to The Room. Everyone clearly did this one for fun and squeeze out extra laughs from the sidelines without distracting from the movie itself. Franco shoots his film with a slick unobtrusive style and recreates scenes from The Room with an almost Kubrickian attention to detail. It takes a talented filmmaker to make beautifully bad filmmaking into comedy gold and clearly Franco has the goods.

Would The Disaster Artist work for someone with no knowledge of The Room or appreciation for “so bad, it’s good” entertainment? Tough to say. It’s unlikely anyone will come close to this thing without knowing the origins. But, it’s possible. This is such a bizarre human story centred around such a fascinating central character that it’s gotta have trainwreck entertainment value for even those who don’t know Tommy Wiseau from Ed Wood. Still, it’s not like The Disaster Artist will reach a crossover crowd. This is a flick made by and for members of the cult of The Room. It’s far better than anyone could have imagined and the fact that James Franco does some of the finest work of his career as both a performer and director while embodying the worst filmmaker of all time is a delightful meta joke cherry on the sundae that’s likely funnier to Franco than anyone else. The Disaster Artist has cult classic written all over it. Sure, there likely won’t be regular midnight screenings held for The Disaster Artist like The Room, but this will be a flick adored by anyone who falls down the Tommy Wiseau rabbit hole from now on. That’s a good thing.

The Disaster Artist (2017): Making A Great Movie Out Of The Worst Movie 3
James Franco in The Disaster Artist (2017) – image via Warner Bros. Entertainment

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God Particle is the Third Film in the Cloverfield Movies

God Particle is the Third Film in the Cloverfield Franchise

Hollywood has had a notable addiction to sequels lately, and it seems that there is no structure more coveted than that of the trilogy. Despite not really needing a third film, studio executives seem fixed in their desire for three films that don’t really do anything exciting or different movie to movie. Hopefully, J.J. Abrams’ 3rd film in the series that began with Cloverfield, titled God Particle, will be more interesting.

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The Force Awakens Teaser Released

The Force Awakens Teaser Released

I’m excited. Really excited actually. I finally got a chance to watch the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and while it IS only a teaser, I’m sold.

Mind you, I went into this whole thing with the trepidation and fear many Star Wars fans have been left with following the incredibly disappointing prequel trilogy. Not to mention the undeniable feeling of “hmmmm” surrounding the director, J.J. Abrams. Unlike most of the internet, I don’t hate Abrams. The first Star Trek reboot breathed new life into what was almost certainly, at the time, a dying franchise. While hardcore fans of Trek feel like Abrams missed the general theme of Trek by focusing too much on action, space lasers and that trademark lens flare rather than the diplomacy, dry rhetoric and philosophical musings the series is famous for, this style fits perfectly with Star Wars.

Plot details have been swirling since the sequels were announced, with leak after leak being dissected and debunked. One of the biggest worries voiced by the legions of internet fans was that the new films would rely too much on the star power of the big three: Han, Luke and Leia. Harrison Ford turned 72 this summer, and Hammil and Fisher aren’t exactly the hot young twenty-somethings they once were. It’s a difficult line to tread for studios hoping to attract long-time fans who want to see the characters they grew up with and love, and newcomers who lack the same kind of attachment and don’t want to watch three seniors ham it up for 2+ hours.

Prior to the Disney buyout, the Star Wars Expanded Universe, meaning the games, novels and comics, were a cluttered mess of stories by an overabundance of writers all trying to create the next Darth Vader or Han Solo. In a bold but brilliant move by the company, they decided to axe everything outside of the existing films and the Clone Wars TV show, removing the restriction of having to tie everything in with the thousands of extra stories and characters from the expanded universe. Doing this has wiped the slate clean, and allowed the writers absolute freedom to take the series in whatever direction they want. This is great news in one respect, but some fans feel that because of this, creating new and entertaining characters to base three films around won’t happen, and the movies will continue revolving around the aforementioned trio of Luke, Han and Leia.

But enough conjecture, let’s get down to the concrete details shown in the teaser.

A stressed and sweaty storm trooper, X-wings, the Millennium Falcon and a lightsabre with a cross-guard. That basically sums up what was shown, so we don’t have a hell of a lot to go on right now. Just enough to get people amped without giving away ANY solid plot details. We know there is a bad guy, and we know the rebels are still kicking, but that’s about it.

This is how you make a trailer that gets people excited enough, but still hungry for more. Also of note was the lack of Mark Hammil, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford. We know they’re in it, and it bodes well for the movie that the studio feels confident with what they’re doing and don’t need to plaster their famous faces all over the clip.

At the end of the day, all Disney needed to do was show a Star Wars logo with John Williams’ score playing and a date, and people would have freaked. After 30+ years the Force is still strong, and love it or hate it this movie is going to make bank. Even if the prequel trilogy left a sour taste in the mouth of fans, the well-received Clone Wars and several half decent videogames have helped bring massive amounts of new fans to the Star Wars Universe. Combine these numbers with the legions of existing fanatics, and you have what is arguably the biggest sci-fi/fantasy franchise in history.

So please Disney, pretty please make this movie awesome, there’s a lot riding on this.