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Indiana Jones 5 In Planning Stages, Logan Director Attached 1

Indiana Jones 5 In Planning Stages, Logan Director Attached

Indiana Jones will be donning his signature hat and whip again, according to creative producer Frank Marshall who confirmed the fifth movie is in talks with studios.

In an interview with Collider, Marshall stated Steven Spielberg will be back to help produce Indiana Jones 5 while James Mangold (Logan, Ford v. Ferarri) is directing. However, any filming or early production isn’t scheduled to happen until the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

“It’s going to obviously slow things down, so we’re trying to adjust,” Marshall said. “You won’t see a lot of big crowd scenes, for example, for awhile. There won’t be any more craft service, so maybe that’ll be good for people, in keeping more fit. It’s a moving target right now.”

Collider also suggested the script for Indiana Jones 5 is likely to be penned ahead of time while Disney plans out the logistics and marketing behind the overdue sequel to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which was released in 2008. For Marshall, he also suggested rebooting other blockbuster franchises including the Bourne series, which starred Matt Damon as a spy recollecting his skills and memories while uncovering a U.S. conspiracy.

“I do like the Bourne series, and I do think that’s an opportunity for different filmmakers to come in now. So, I’m hoping that we can find a new story for Bourne and a new filmmaker. We are looking,” he said.

The latest film saw Indiana Jones explore Mayan temples and fight Soviet soldiers as they discovered an out-of-this-world treasure. It’s unknown whether or not Indy’s son will be reprised by Shia LaBeouf or if Karen Allen returns as his wife and fellow adventurer Marion Ravenwood from Raiders of the Lost Ark. In a previous interview with IGN, star Harrison Ford stated the fifth movie will be looking back at past installments to tie up certain plots, while “we’ll see new developments in his life, his relationship. We’ll see part of his history resolved.”

CGMagazine Best of 2017: Film (Part 1) 3

CGMagazine Best of 2017: Film (Part 1)

Like it or not, 2017 has finally stumbled to a close—I jest of course, obviously you’re thrilled that 2017 is over. This was a brutal year. A reality TV star with a bad tan and a worse brain somehow became president. Beloved filmmakers like Jonathan Demme, George A. Romero, and Tobe Hooper passed away. Other men in the film industry may as well have died after the fall of the house of Weinstein revealed so many talents to be perverted monsters behind closed doors. Every one seemed angry in 2017 and justifiably so.

Things aren’t right. The broken nature of the world is increasingly difficult to ignore. The only bright side? Turbulent times tend to lead to great art. Sure, there was obviously no way that the any of the filmmakers who produced the following movies could be aware of how troubled the world around their films would be. But ya know…great artists tend to be in touch with the world around them and pick up on things others don’t notice. Well, that’s how things should work in an ideal world anyways.

So with that in mind, here are CGMagazine’s picks for the best genre movies of the year. Rather than doing the usual top ten routine, this is broken down by specific genre to show how those responsible took an established form and transcended it. The choices are all highly subjective and our own. But that said, if you disagree with any of these choices, you’re obviously wrong. We know what we’re talking about.

Or at least we like to pretend that we do.

Best Fantasy Film: The Shape Of Water

CGMagazine Best of 2017: Film (Part 1)
Doug Jones in The Shape of Water (2017) – CGMagazine’s Best Fantasy Film of 2017.

For years Guillermo Del Toro has been fusing horror and fairy tales to create modern myths. This year, he found one that spoke so deeply to our times that it would be scary if it wasn’t so moving and inspiring. The Shape of Water is a fable about a mute woman (Sally Hawkins) who falls in love with a merman (Doug Jones). It’s also a touching parable for what it feels like to be oppressed and cast out by society as well as the beauty and happiness to be found in the love shared between those who find others as strange as themselves. It’s a strange and deeply moving piece filled with wonderful performances on top of being a thrilling slice of Cold War paranoia and a ripping monster yarn. There’s so much going on beneath all of the beautiful surface pleasures that Del Toro pulled together and it feels like a film that will be remembered and analyzed for many a moon. Right now, it’s the call for compassion and understanding that we desperately need (as well as an ideal vehicle for Michael Shannon’s personal brand of human monster-making, which given his symbolic place in the story as the white male establishment oppressor, is also something we need right now).

Best Horror Film: Get Out

CGMagazine Best of 2017: Film (Part 1) 1
Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out (2017) – CGMagazine’s Best Horror Film of 2017.

Speaking of genre flicks that spoke to this cultural moment, how about Jordan Peele’s instantly iconic Get Out? The comedian’s directorial debut might be laced with satirical bite, but nothing could have prepared audiences for how far Peele would stray from the comedic work he’d done before. Get Out is a socially conscious horror movie the likes of which are rarely made anymore. It cut deep into contemporary notions of racism, forcing unfamiliar audiences to confront ideas and fears that POC know all too well and have been trying to share for years. Peele found a way to communicate a master’s thesis worth of contemporary race theory into a riveting horror story that already feels like a pop culture milestone. For years, we’ve been able to use the term “Stepford Wives” as a shorthand for a particular brand of quiet misogyny. Now, Get Out will be a similar cultural touchstone. In addition to all the insights, the flick is also just a damn good genre yarn worth study for those who enjoy horror stories. It’s a movie with a little something for everyone and a new cinematic classic that will be remembered and quoted for years to come.

Best Comic Book Movie: Logan

CGMagazine Best of 2017: Film (Part 1) 2
Hugh Jackman in Logan (2017) – CGMagazine’s Best Comic Book Movie of 2017.

Sure, Wonder Woman was the bigger hit that struck a cultural chord and Thor Ragnarok was far more fun. Yet, when looking back on the superhero flicks to flutter across screens in 2017, there’s no denying that James Mangold’s pained and thoughtful Logan is the most fascinating. For Hugh Jackman’s final stint as the iconic X-Man he created almost ten years ago, Mangold crafted a thoroughly demystifying look at hero worship. Much was made of all the R-rated snikt-snikting at the time and indeed that was a side of Wolverine long overdue for big screen consumption. However, the film sticks with audiences for how it tears apart conventional notions of heroism, presents a dystopic future painfully easy to believe, and finally explored Wolverine as the tragic and pained loner he always was. This is the adult superhero movie that we’ve all been waiting for since The Dark Knight knocked open the gate. Watchmen felt performatively deep without actually understanding the purpose of Alan Moore’s comic book masterpiece and Deadpool was gloriously immature despite the adult-only rating. Logan actually dared to deconstruct a superhero icon in areas that not even his comic books have been willing to tread. It will be remembered for quite some time and hopefully more mature Marvel movies like this can still be made now that they are all under the Disney banner.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to find out which movies made the cut for Best Blockbuster, Best Action Flick, Best War Movie, and Best Biopic! Let us know your predictions in the comments below!

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Logan Trailer Leaks Online 1

Logan Trailer Leaks Online


There’s been a slow, crawling build-up to Logan, Hugh Jackman’s final turn as Wolverine. Posters materializing, set photos leaking, and cast members teasing details. But now, perhaps the biggest leak of all has come out.

During the presidential debate, a shaky video surfaced on the internet. And while it initially looked to be one of the umpteen million fakes online, further inspection proved its validity. The full trailer for Logan has leaked online for the whole world to see, giving us a bit-sized chunk of what to expect from the upcoming superhero flick.

Logan will take place in 2024, and seemingly during a time when all other mutants are dead. Wolverine is a bedraggled drifter, and from the looks of it, is tracked down by Charles Xavier for a favor. That favor is to look after a young girl, who Xavier say is “very much like” Wolverine. As Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” plays, we see military forces hunting the three of them down, followed by Wolverine doing what he does best: slicing and dicing people.

There’s a lot to unpack from the trailer. For starters, the girl in question is undoubtedly X-23 herself, which has been confirmed by pre-release interviews with the cast and crew. Considering she’s Wolverine’s eventual successor in the current comics, her appearance makes sense. Quite honestly, I wonder if they’re going to adapt the Death of Wolverine story arc for this movie. With it being Jackman’s last, that’s a strong possibility.

Secondly, it definitely seems like this film will draw heavily from the Old Man Logan story arc. While that arc had its problems (hello, inbred child of Hulk and She-Hulk,) it was definitely a bold take on the character. Frankly, despite not being a fan of canon changes, the crashing of this arc into Death of Wolverine makes a whole lot of sense. Viewers would get to see an older, more cynical Logan in a dead world, and get to see his eventual death and the passing of his mantle onto X-23.

That’s purely speculation at this point, however. But from the looks of this incredible trailer, we’re in for something good. It gave me chills, and I’d wager money that I’m not alone. Watch it below, before Fox takes it down.