Child’s Play (2019) Review

Child’s Play (2019) Review 1

Throughout the 80’s there where countless horror franchises, yet few had the staying power of Child’s Play. Yes, it was campy and often, ridiculous, but somehow it became an iconic horror film, enjoyed by countless fans. It managed the impossible: it made a killer doll movie, and made it (somewhat) stand the test of time. Now the producers of the 2018 It are trying to revive this classic franchise, only this time updating things, making it fit the modern generation and adding a healthy dose of Mark Hammil to bring his voice acting chops to the iconic Chucky doll. While not everything works, the end results are enjoyable, if not dumb fun.

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The Killing Joke (Movie) Review

The Killing Joke (Movie) Review 2

Ever since DC started cranking out animated features based on popular comic book runs, fans have been begging for an adaptation of The Killing Joke. After all, it’s not just the most famous/disturbing Joker tale of all time (from the mind of Alan Moore and the pen of Brian Bolland no less), but it’s the … Read more

Batman: The Killing Joke to release in summer 2016

Batman: The Killing Joke to release in summer 2016

After 28 years of being published, Alan Moore’s critically acclaimed graphic novel, Batman: The Killing Joke, is being animated for fans to enjoy this summer. The first trailer of the film and a preview featuring the creative team showcases just how much work is going into this incredible project. “One of the main thrusts of … Read more