Power Rangers Movie Review – Suprisingly OK

Power Rangers Movie Review - Suprisingly OK 2

Indulgent film critic confession time: I have a complicated relationship with The Power Rangers.  Circa grade three, there was no piece of pop culture I found more thrillingly addictive or entertaining. As a child, the mixture of bad 90s teen drama crudely edited together with cheap man-in-suit Japanese action scenes felt like the height of art. After puberty, the show held little value beyond nostalgic camp. Despite my misgivings, the popularity of Power Rangers never ended. The show ran endlessly with new toy tie-ins for every season. There were movies (absolutely horrible ones), games, lunch boxes, you name it. By the time the Powers Rangers finally and mercifully left television, 90s nostalgia was but a few years away. Suddenly there were ironic hipster Power Ranger t-shirts and sincere Comic Con cosplay everywhere. The series wouldn’t die. So eventually, it only made sense that Hollywood would revisit Power Rangers as a blockbuster. I dreaded it. I mocked it. Now, it’s here and thankfully it’s not as bad as I feared. Sure, it’s not exactly a great movie. But it is so much better than it could have been.

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New Power Rangers Suits Revealed

New Power Rangers Suits Revealed

Everyone’s favourite Mighty Morphin’ team is back with a brand new look to accompany the Power Rangers series reboot into a feature film. The new suits of the Power Rangers were showcased today with the first official image from their upcoming film. Looking like they’re straight out of space, the suits are described as “translucent extraterrestrial armor … Read more