The Martian (Movie) Review

The Martian (Movie) Review 3

The Martian might be the first major studio release of October, but it feels more like the last summer blockbuster of 2015. This is rip-roaring, crowd-pleasing entertainment filled with movie stars at their brightest, special effects at their slickest, budgets at their highest, and themes at their most optimistic. So why didn’t it come out … Read more

Exodus: Gods And Kings (Movie) Review

Exodus: Gods And Kings (Movie) Review 1

Last spring, Darren Aronofsky’s Noah provided a deeply bizarre (some would even say blasphemous) blockbuster take on a popular biblical tale, and now to help wrap up the year, Ridley Scott has provided his own somewhat similar spin on another in Exodus: Gods And Kings. If you’ve seen Gladiator, then it’s pretty easy to guess … Read more