The Babadook (Movie) Review

The Babadook (Movie) Review 1

For Canadian horror fans, this weekend is a cause for celebration. At long last The Babadook can be seen (at least, through official commercial channels). For anyone who pays attention to the genre, the title has likely already crossed your radar. Jennifer Kent’s debut feature as writer/director already topped at number ‘Best Of 2014’ lists … Read more

The Top Ten Genre Movies Of 2014 – Part 2

The Lego Movie (Movie) Review 1

Part 2 of The Top Ten Genre Movies Of 2014, be sure to check out part 1 for #10-6. 5) Snowpiercer Joon-ho Bong (The Host, the good one) has been one of the most fascinating genre filmmakers working out of Korea for over a decade. Working from a French comic book as source material, Snowpiercer … Read more