Suicide Squad (Movie) Review

Suicide Squad (Movie) Review 1

If you’ve had internet access over the last few years, then chances are you’ve been inundated with images from Suicide Squad. It’s that weird little stepchild to Batman V. Superman that Warner Brothers planned to help launch their extended DC Cinematic Universe. You know, the one with all the tattoos and Hot Topic outfits. The summer blockbuster that’s been begging for attention like an emotional teen, hoping that someone will take it seriously because it’s so edgy and not your mama’s superhero flick. From the moment the first images from production hit, Suicide Squad has seemed desperate for an identity. As goofy music video trailers racked up hits on YouTube, the movie’s producers held panicked reshoots, hoping to make the film a bit sillier after the chilly public reception to Zack Snyder’s sombre superfriends match up. The final film sure looks like the product of way too many chefs in the kitchen: an overblown, over-edited, and under-written collection of self-consciously “cool” scenes that only occasionally flow together with any dramatic purpose or pay off. It is kind of fun in its own sloppy way, though. So that’s something.

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Justice League: Mortal Could’ve Changed the Game

Justice League: Mortal Could’ve Changed the Game 3

Do you remember the cancelled Justice League movie that was supposed to come out in 2007 by George Miller? Yeah, the guy behind the Mad Max films. I’ll give you a second to digest what kind of action movie we could’ve got. Whenever you are finished fantasizing about that I have some good news for … Read more

Justice League: War (Movie) Review

Justice League: War (Movie) Review 1

The folks at DC animation have been on one hell of a winning streak lately. Their direct-to-Video adaptations of The Dark Knight Returns, The Flashpoint Paradox, and even Superman: Unchained have all been far stronger works than the live action DC flicks as of late and there’s a specific reason for that: the major creative … Read more

Necessary Evil: Villains Of DC Comics (Movie) Review

Necessary Evil: Villains Of DC Comics (Movie) Review 2

For any fan of DC Comics, it’s clear that the company has a deep love and affection for the bad guy. Their lineup of villains is deep and impressive, varying from thugs to gods and offering a stark contrast to their collection of super powered heroes. In September, the company even halted production on all … Read more

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (Movie) Review

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (Movie) Review 2

When Bruce Timm bid farewell to his position as top dog of the DCU animated features division with the masterful adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, there was concern that might be the peak, and the beginning of the end for the excellent run of work made by the production team. Thankfully Justice League: The … Read more