American Made (2017)

American Made (2017)

For the last few years going to see a Tom Cruise action movie has been an absolute chore. Desperate to keep his star status alive and launch new franchises, Tom Cruise movies have turned into empty vessels for the inflated ego of the world’s leading Scientologist. It’s gotten so bad that even audiences stopped showing … Read more

Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation (Movie) Review

Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation (Movie) Review 1

I can’t imagine even Tom Cruise imagined he’d still be cranking out Mission: Impossible movies 19 years after he created the franchise for himself back in 1996. Yet here we are, and it now seems the go-to means for Cruise to attempt to bounce back whenever his profile dips a bit at the box office. … Read more

Oblivion (Movie) Review

Oblivion (Movie) Review 3

Good news first; the new Tom Cruise science fiction blockbuster Oblivion looks absolutely stunning. Shot on the latest HD wonder camera from Sony that can withstand being blown up to IMAX size without losing detail and directed by architecture-student-turned-Tron: Legacy filmmaker Joseph Kosinski, it’s a visual marvel as pretty as Hollywood can afford.

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Jack Reacher (Movie) Review

Jack Reacher (Movie) Review 3

There are bad movies that are just painful to watch and then there are movies so ludicrously misconceived that they become ironic spectacle. Jack Reacher falls into the latter category. The reason is simple. The character comes from Lee Child’s series of novels and the movie based on book nine is intended as a mythmaking franchise starter. On the page Jack Reacher is a 6’7 violent Iraq veteran drifter who intimidates everyone in his path on his way to righting wrongs while off the grid.

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Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol (Movie) Review

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol (Movie) Review 3

The Mission: Impossible series will never be remembered as the greatest action franchise in cinema history, but it is certainly one of the most consistent. Aside from a wonky second chapter by the dove and slow-motion obsessed John Woo, the series always delivers on the promise of big budget spectacle and gentle entertainment. There’s never any attempt at political commentary, no sense of the characters as genuine human beings, or even much of a distinct tone or personality to set the series apart from every other international spy caper out there. Nope, they are merely well produced vehicles designed for the sole purpose of putting Tom Cruise into the center of massive action set pieces.

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